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Joining the RRT Community is an exciting step towards maximizing the potential of your practice. We are here to guide you through the process of creating your account so you can connect with other practitioners.

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We are in the business of democratizing healthcare.  An extension of this is democratizing the information-obtaining ability of our audience.  Get inspiration from professionals using RRT to maximize their business.

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Rapid Release Technology is used by the best in the business.  From Chiropractors and Licensed Massage Therapists to Osteopaths and Sports Trainers, we have a dedicated following of practitioners willing to help.  Ask anything!

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With any amazing new technology comes stories of successful treatments and happy patients.  It is our passion and our mission to share the success stories of practitioners using our product.  Don’t be shy, tell us about RRT!

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The forums are places for practitioners to socialize, talk about their passion, further their knowledge, and engage with like-minded people dedicated to changing the face of healing technologies worldwide.

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Rapid Release Technology is so versatile that it can be used for numerous modalities.  Learn advanced techniques from the experts who have found new and exciting uses for this technology.

A Community with Purpose.

Join other Health Practitioners in their mission to move away from invasive and prescription-drug forms of pain treatment.  We aim to change the way the world views pain.


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Offer Clients a New Alternative

Rapid Release Technology is a long lasting, highly effective alternative to the side-effects of prescription drugs.

Stimulate Chiropractic Adjustments

Stay true to the philosophy of Chiropractics but use this modern technology to make the adjustments more effective and lasting.

Extend your ability to practice

Doctors the world over use Rapid Release Technology on themselves to buzz away the aches and pains of constant body work.  Are you?

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What Existing Customers Say About Rapid Release and Why They Love it

“You hit a home run with this machine.  It is a big leap from the previous machine.

Fotolia_58389435_Subscription_Monthly_M_04   Andrew Scheim, MT

“The RRT has been one of the most impressive and influential pieces of equipment that I have come across in my practice.”

Fotolia_58389435_Subscription_Monthly_M_04   Dr. Michael Hatrak